what type of instrument is a piano

If you still couldn’t guess what type of instrument is a piano, then the answer is that it is classified as a string instrument because the sound it produces comes from the vibrations of strings. It can also be classified as a percussion instrument since the hammer strikes those strings. Bartolomeo Cristofori

Bartolomeo Cristofori

Which instruments is most similar to a piano?

Piano is king because:it has a range of over 7 octavesthe notes come ready-madeall twelve major and minor keys work well on itit can play harmonically and melodically,simultaneouslyit is affordableit can fit into your houseone person can turn it into an orchestrayou can play and sing at the same timeit is fairly robust and doesn’t need much maintenanceMore items…

What instruments go well with a piano?

Consider the musicians and instruments you have available,and start there. …Start with instruments that match the genre you are writing in.Start with a common set of sounds,and try adding something different or unique to the mix.Start with a common set of sounds,and replace one of the instruments with something unusual or unexpected.More items…

Is the piano a low instrument or a high instrument?

The piano is the standard instrument for the equal temperedscale, yet both the high end and low end of the instrument are tuned so that they depart slightly from equal temperament because the sound has been judged to be more pleasing with that arrangement (see stretched tuning discussion below).

What family of instruments does the piano belong to?

The system has five categories:IdiophonesMembranophonesChordophonesAerophonesElectrophones