what instruments do kenny g play

What saxophone does Kenny G play?

Kenny G plays a Selmer Mark VI soprano saxophone. He also plays the alto and tenor sa xophones. He has even created his own line of saxophones called Kenny G Saxophones. In an interview, Kenny G revealed that the saxophone he used in all the songs he has ever recorded is his high school saxophone.

How long does it take for Kenny G to practice?

Kenny also disclosed that he still uses this instrument during practice, which takes around three hours a day. Aside from the soprano sax, Kenny G also plays the alto sax, tenor sax, bari sax, and bass sax. In an interview, Kenny G revealed that his soprano saxophone is his high school saxophone.

What is the concert series saxophone?

The Concert Series Saxophones of Kenny G is exclusively crafted for use at his concerts; that is why they are called ‘Concert Series.’. These saxophones have silver-plated bodies and gold lacquered keys with the ‘Concert Series’ logo on them. Kenny G personally designed them to match the modern keyboards of saxophones.

How old was Kenny G when he started playing the saxophone?

How and Why Kenny G Plays the Saxophone. He was introduced to the saxophone at the age of 10. Kenny G saw a guy playing the sax on a TV show and thought he would like to play that instrument. He admitted that it must be how the guy played the saxophone that attracted him to the instrument.

What is Kenny G’s real name?

Kenny G’s full name is Kenneth Bruce Gorelick. He was born in Seattle, Washington, on June 5, 1956. His album Duotones, recorded in 1986, made him a commercial success. Since then, Kenny G became one of the best-selling recording and concert artists of all time.

What does Kenny G mean by "better"?

Kenny G also said that he’s the kind of guy who does not need to experiment with something new to see if it’s better than what he has been using. To him, better is a subjective word in the world of music.

Where are Kenny G saxophones made?

Kenny G saxophones are made in Taiwen. Unfortunately, Chinese companies produce and sell fake Kenny G saxophones without Kenny G’s permission. He advises buyers to ask sellers if the saxophones are made in Taiwan or mainland China to ensure that they are getting the original and not the fake ones.

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