what instrument does cory wong play

Cory Wong: Once a Bass Player, Always a Bass Player The six string star of Vulpeck and The Fearless Flyers breaks out on his own and takes it back to his first musical love – the bass Jon D’Auria Mar 18, 2021 If you’re just a peripheral fan or modest observer of what’s hot in current music, the name Cory Wong is most likely on your radar.

Is there a hair-tie in the case of Cory Wong’s Stratocaster?

With Wong’s stunning signature Strat out today, we spoke to the prolific funk phenom about the design of his own “Hitmaker“ and asked why there is a hair-tie in the case Today is the day that Fender releases the Cory Wong Signature Stratocaster into the wild.

Who is Cory Wong?

Cory Wong is a Grammy nominated American guitarist, bassist, songwriter, podcast host and producer based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He has released several works as a solo artist and in partnership with others.

What is “Cory Wong” by Vulfpeck?

The jam has since evolved into “Cory Wong”, a song that snuck into Vulfpeck’s live repertoire over the summer and is featured as the final track on The Beautiful Game. Watch the first-ever “Cory Wong” below, and compare it to the version on The Beautiful Game here.

Where is BTS Wong from?

Born in Poughkeepsie, New York, Wong was raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and is of Chinese descent. Growing up, he was exposed to classic rock and jazz music by his father.