how to insure musical instruments

Musical instrument insuranceCheck the policy limits. Home insurance policies will typically specify sums insured limits. …Notify your insurer If you own a musical instrument which has a high value then you’ll likely need to inform your insurer so that it can be itemised on your insurance policy. …Consider a high net worth insurance policy …

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What is the best musical instrument insurance?

These companies all offer competitive rates and have a list of respected endorsements:Clarion Insurance. Based in New York,this company provides a variety of program and services.Heritage Insurance Services,INC. This Pennsylvania company also delivers a number of policy options.Anderson Group: Musical Instruments Insurance Solutions,LLC. Is an international company that has low rates.Music Pro Insurance. …

Does homeowners insurance cover musical instruments?

Typically, your homeowners insurance will provide some coverage for your musical instrument given it fits the circumstances provided by your policy. If your instrument is damaged by a fire or a burst pipe, your homeowners insurance should cover the cost of any repairs; limits still apply when filing a claim, meaning only part of your instrument could be covered leaving you with the remaining cost.

Which musical instrument is for You?

One of the top determinants of the best musical instrument fit for you is the genre of music you love listening to. If you are swayed by classical music, piano or the violin is without a doubt the most ideal instruments. If you’re into metal, rock, or pop, try musical instruments you commonly see in bands like guitar and drums.

Do musicians name their musical instruments?

Q: Have you ever named your musical instrument, other than calling it as either just violin or flute or something similar? Yes indeed! All my oldest, most faithful stringed (and a few other) instruments have names chosen for them by lady musician friends. Nothing of particular significance in this.

What is a rider on home insurance?

One option for enhancing the protection for musical instruments under your home property insurance is to get a rider, sometimes called an endorsement, floater or scheduled personal property. This policy add-on provides additional coverage for specific valuables. A rider may have a lower deductible than the homeowners policy.

What is commercial insurance?

Commercial insurance policies have other coverage clauses that may not be available in a homeowners policy or rider . These are aimed at professional musicians who need their instruments for work. This coverage might include business interruption (compensating the insured if his or her instrument is lost or damaged when needed for a paid performance), coverage for borrowed instruments and rental reimbursement if the insured instrument is damaged.

Does homeowners insurance cover instruments?

Also, not all homeowners insurance riders cover instruments for professional musicians, since there’s a higher chance of damage or loss. In that case, a commercial musical instrument policy is advised. When deciding between musical instrument insurance through your homeowners policy or a specialized policy, here are some considerations.

Does insurance cover musical instruments?

Insuring a musical instrument is a good idea if it would be cost-prohibitive to replace it, or if the instrument is needed regularly for performances or teaching. Insurance often covers more than just the actual instrument; it might also cover the case, accessories and even sheet music.

Why do you hold your saxophone by the bell?

Always hold your saxophone by the bell because that is the sturdiest part of a sax and holding it in this manner should reduce the chances of a drop.

What to do if your violin is dry?

Consider getting a room humidifier or an in-case moisture regulator for your violin.

Why is it important to insure your instruments?

Insuring your instruments is one way to protect your instruments and gear when flying: what follows are some risk management ideas.

How to make a safe room in your home?

Create a safe room in your home. This can be as simple as putting a deadbolt lock on a closet where you store your gear.

What is liability insurance for a band?

A lawsuit can name a band, its manager, an establishment and its landlord in a lawsuit. Liability insurance protection will not shorten criminal sentences, but it will take care of the resulting injuries and rehabilitation and potentially legal costs as well.

What is a third party insurance policy?

This type of insurance is designed to offer protection against third party (the public) bodily injury or property damage as a result of one’s operations or products.

What is replacement cost instrument policy?

Replacement Cost provides for the cost to repair or replace the damaged property without deduction for depreciation.

What is a rider on a home insurance policy?

A rider is an additional layer of protection that extends your line of coverage and provides more financial compensation in the event that your instrument is damaged or stolen.

What is Heritage Insurance?

Based out of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Heritage Insurance Services provides musical instrument insurance to musicians in both the United States and Canada. Heritage covers a variety of musical instruments but specializes in covering professional-grade wooden instruments like violins, violas and cellos. Heritage policies include sound depreciation coverage, which is especially important for professional musicians, as it helps ensure against decreases in sound quality alongside theft and damage. Heritage also offers policy options for instrument makers and repair shops as well. Policies with Heritage begin at $200 per year and coverage options range from $500 to $100,000,000, which makes the company equally as popular with students as it is with antique collectors.

What is the purpose of musical instrument insurance?

Public liability insurance protects you against damage you accidentally cause with your instrument while you perform in a public or private setting.

How many different insurance companies can you get at the same price?

Each and every insurance company uses its own unique formula to calculate what you’ll pay in monthly premiums and it’s possible to get the exact same coverage from three different companies at three totally different price points. Don’t be afraid to “shop around” and compare pricing and policies before you commit.

What happens if you leave your violin in a studio?

For example, if you leave your violin in a studio, visit the vending machine, and come back to find that it has been stolen, a rider will offer you compensation even if your homeowners or renters insurance policy would typically find you liable for the loss .

What happens if you lose a violin?

If the instrument is lost or damaged, the insurance company will have to write you a check for the replacement value under most policies — and not many insurance providers want to risk shelling out $70,000 if the violin that you own isn’t an authentic Vienna an tique.

What happens if you accidentally drop your guitar?

For example, if you accidentally drop your guitar during rehearsal, your insurance will almost always save the day. On the other hand, if you intentionally smash your guitar at the end of a concert, don’t hold your breath waiting for a check in the mail.

Musical instrument insurance

If you own a musical instrument, then you will need to ensure that you have it insured.

What insurance cover is available for musical instruments?

You will want to ensure that your instrument is insured against key risks. Most home insurance contents policies, or high net worth insurance policies will insure your possessions against

How to value a musical instrument

Knowing the value of your musical instrument will make it easier to ensure that you have the right level of insurance. Some insurers may also ask to see a valuation when taking out your policy. Or ask for a valuation if you do come to claim.

How can I make sure my musical instrument is fully insured?

You may be able to "schedule" your musical instrument, on your home or condo insurance policy to make sure the item is adequately covered.

New Progressive customers

Quote home insurance, condo insurance or renters insurance online or call 1-866-749-7436 and learn how your instrument can be covered.

Current Progressive customers

Log in to your policy or call 1-866-749-7436 to check on the limits and sub-limits for your personal property coverage.

Best Insurance for Musical Instruments

You may not find the process of receiving estimates for musical instrument insurance policies as straightforward as for other types of insurance policies. Musicians and collectors typically have to fill out and submit a lengthy questionnaire to get a quote from a carrier.

What does Music Instrument Insurance Protect you against?

If your instruments are damaged, lost, or stolen in an accident, you’re covered.

Musical Instrument Insurance Coverage

Musical instrument insurance can be tailored to meet your specific needs like other insurance products. Policyholders can often select the coverage they require, deductible, and reasonably comprehensive policies. Instrument insurance can cover the instrument itself and any attachments or other equipment it may have, including sheet music.

Should I File a Claim for my Musical Instrument?

There is no need to file a claim if a musical instrument is broken or lost because it is covered by your homes or renters insurance. Whenever an insured person needs to make a claim, they have to pay their deductible. Repeat insurance claims may also result in higher premiums in the future.

Homeowners Insurance Limits for Musical Instruments

A regular house insurance policy covers your musical equipment. However, you will not benefit from playing the instrument to pay any amount or a specific level, such as $2,500 a year.

What to Look for in a Policy or Company

Many insurance policies cover more than simply damage and theft when it comes to musical instruments. There’s a good chance your coverage will cover general liability as well. If you’re performing in a public or private place and inadvertently cause damage to someone’s property, you’ll need public liability insurance.

How to Get Extra Coverage for Musical Instruments

You can buy add-on instrument coverage as an addition to your house insurance policy. On the other hand, you can buy instrument coverage separately.

Why insure your Musical Instruments ?

Musical Instruments are expensive pieces of equipment and whilst they are fairly safe whilst being kept at home, (although they are still susceptible to accidental damage & theft) as soon as they are removed from the home, the chances of loss, theft or damage increases.

What is an all risk policy for a musical instrument?

“All Risks” insurance policy covers you both at and away from the home.

How long can you leave your instruments in an unattended vehicle?

Sometimes it is necessary to leave your musical instruments in an unattended vehicle and providing this is not for longer than 12 hours our policy will provide you with cover.

What is insurance cover for musical equipment?

Insurance cover is provided by the policy up to the amount specified in the Policy Schedule (subject to a maximum hiring cost) for the hiring of replacement musical equipment of the same or similar specification whilst your equipment is awaiting repair or replacement following a fire, theft, attempted theft, loss of or damage to your equipment.

Can musical instruments be stolen?

Unfortunately musical instruments and musical equipment gets stolen, we make sure you are covered if the worst happens.

Can you leave a musical instrument on a train?

It’s all to easy to leave your musical instrument on a bus or train and whilst many are recovered. this is not always the case . If lost, we will replace your musical instrument up to your chosen sum insured.

Do you need to insure musical equipment?

In some cases, musical equipment is loaned to you for use, and you may be asked to insure the equipment whilst it is in your possession or the possession of a family member. In these cases, the interest of the owner of the instrument can be noted on the schedule of Insurance. For more information and to obtain a quotation for musical equipment insurance, please complete our online form or give us a call

Should I insure my violin?

When you buy a musical instrument, one of the first things to do is make sure that you have the right insurance. "Hope for the best, prepare for the worst" is the idea here so it’s important to protect your investment.

How much does it cost to insure a violin?

At MyLuthier, we use Lark Music as our preferred insurance partner. Lark Music provides musical instrument insurance which is designed to meet the needs of musicians. Lark Music have been trading in musical instrument insurance for over 25 years and as such, understand the needs of the musician.


The musical instrument insurance market can be complicated, but by following this checklist you should find the musical instrument policy that best suits your needs and budget. We recommend Lark Music as they have been trading in musical instrument policies since 1991 and understand what it takes to insure these types of valuable items.