do i need seperate isrc numbers for my instrumentals

This includes instrumentals, remixes, and covers, all of which require different ISRCs than the original recording. Who Needs an ISRC? Ask yourself this question: Is my recording being released for public consumption? If the answer is yes, then an ISRC will be an extremely helpful resource when it comes to maximizing potential earnings.

What is a separate ISRC code for music videos?

Separate ISRC codes must be applied to different recordings (sound, music video and different versions) Different versions of music video recordings need to be assigned different ISRCs. Two music video recordings are considered different if their video content or their sound recording content is different.

Do I need An ISRC number for my track?

Each version or mix of a track must have its own unique ISRC. For collections of tracks such as an EP or Album or merchandise (CD), an EAN or UPC number is required. Encoded ISRCs provide the means to automatically identify recordings for royalty payments.

What is ISRC and when should it be used?

ISRC should be used to identify music video recordings. A music video is different to a sound recording even if the same sound recording occurs in the video recording. This means that a separate ISRC must be assigned to the video recording. Separate ISRC codes must be applied to different recordings

When to assign ISRC codes to a recording?

Creating a new surround mix from recorded stems Restoration of a historical recordings that involves creative input The general rule is that if the changes being made to the recording involve new artistic input then a new ISRC code is assigned to the resulting recording or version.